Amazonite Topaz Orgonite Pyramid

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Enhance the Serenity of Your Environment and Raise the Vibration of Your Space. 

When placed in your office or room, the metaphysical healing properties of this piece are simply undeniable. Use it as a meditation base in your everyday routine or bask in the radiant protective energy of the pyramid while you move throughout your home. 

Orgonite stone, most often composed of quartz crystal & metal and then structured in a pyramid shape, is known to have magnetic properties that make it ideal for healing because of its ability to re-invigorate stagnant energy. Dormant energy often builds up because of stress or exhaustion and often leads to irritability, difficulty in relationships, and trouble concentrating. When energy is free to move around the space and within the body, many people experience enhanced mood, relationships, and restored energy levels. 


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