Tibetan Dzi Agates Bracelet - Coffee Bead

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Cleanse and Create the Energy you seek with our Traditional Tibetan Dzi Agates Bracelet

Tibetan Dzi Agates - known since ancient times for its protective metaphysical properties - are traditionally used, not only to ward off unwanted spritual energy such as sorrow and addiction, but also to attract positive energy to enrich your life.

These powerful stones are often used to promote happieness and balance whilst blocking the unwanted negative flow of energy. The pattern on each Dzi Agate is thought to represent or attract specfic forms of energy such as wisdom, love, and light. One of the most common symbols are Eyes - with different combinations of Eye symbols being used to represent and attract energies such as Harmony, Luck, Humor, Happiness, Health, Glory, Success, Discipline & Protection. 

One of the best ways to incorporate Tibetan Dzi Agate into your realm is to first cleanse your Tibetan Dzi Agate jewellery under water, and then to sincerly affirm the energy you aim to manifest (verbal or otherwise) and then wear the item daily to manifest the energy you seek for yourself and those around you.


Size: approx 18cm/7inch